Surveillance & Mobile Laboratories

Mobile Laboratory & Site Supervision Services


Quality Control Testing Services (QCTS) maintain quality workmanship and materials by conducting regular site supervisions, site assessments and monitoring for your project to ensure all works are consistent with design requirements.

All level 1 and 2 site supervisions are performed in accordance with AS3798. The investigation, planning and design of the project is carefully considered and maintained to ensure the integrity and performance of built structures is paramount. Adequate records will be taken at all times during placement and handling to achieve the right specifications, these will be scrutinised in relation to the project requirements.

By ensuring communication is open between our client and QCTS site supervisors we can monitor construction activities with confidence and produce works of quality.

Our site supervision services include:

  • level 1-2 supervision
  • seismic traversing
  • site assessments
  • environmental sampling and monitoring
  • field data collection and construction monitoring
  • electro-magnetic surveying