Foam Bitumen

foam bitumen
foam bitumen

Foam Bitumen Explained

Foam bitumen is created when small quantities of water and air are added to hot bitumen. When water is added at high pressure, it immediately vaporises, creating bubbles encased in oil. This procedure causes the bitumen to enlarge and expand by around twenty times its initial size, reducing the overall density of the bitumen in the process.

Following this, the bitumen foam solution is inserted into a special mixer through nozzles which are then able to be mixed with building materials. This results in a uniquely flexible material which once compressed, creates a highly robust, moisture retardant compound. Foamed bitumen is an innovative asphalt that is ideal for surfacing new areas or resurfacing old ones.

Once the foam bitumen solution has been created and applied to the ground surface, it is then compacted using heavy equipment such as graders, while moisture is added through the use of tank trucks. Over the last twenty years, the popularity of foam bitumen has soared and it is being used for the purpose of both new pavements and the revitalisation of old ones throughout Australia and right around the world.

Foam Bitumen Services

The team at QCTS is able to formulate a foam bitumen mixture that can be driven upon almost immediately upon completion, minimising downtimes. In most cases, the finalised layer is cured for around twenty-four to thirty-six hours before the sealant is applied.

QCTS is able to develop long lasting foam bitumen solutions through the application of knowledge gained from ongoing, comprehensive research into the product and by levering the advancements in the technology responsible for producing it. We ensure that all mix designs precisely adhere to each client’s specifications.

What’s the number 1 question we receive at QCTS?

What is Foam Bitumen and what does it do? Foam bitumen is produced by injecting small amounts of water in conjunction with air to hot bitumen. When injected at high pressure the water evaporates instantaneously forming a bubble surrounded by oil. This cause the bitumen to expand to around 20 times its original volume. This bitumen is now ready to be added into a mixer with suitable construction materials.

This process creates a visco-elastic material which once compacted is strong, moisture resistant, flexible, non-temperature sensitive, environmentally friendly, sustainable and durable. Foamed bitumen is a unique road pavement treatment for new materials or rehabilitation of existing pavements.


Advantages of Foam Bitumen

  • More economical than alternative bitumen stabilisers
  • Produces a strong and resilient surface
  • Is able to effectively rejuvenate problematic surfaces
  • Is able to readily mix with most gravels and crushed rocks
  • Rapid manufacturing process ensures minimum disruption to motorists and pedestrians
  • Minimises the need for excavations and other raw materials
  • The final material can be walked on and/or driven over almost straight away
  • Offers a high resistance to flooding
  • Provides substantial reduction in surface cracking due to effects of shrinkage

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